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v0.4.0 - 2023-03-28

In this release, many things have happened, but the most important one is a project rename.

During a development, many ideas about further development came to my mind. I have created a backlog .



  • ♻️ project name
  • ❎ cross configuration of blog and auto-nav plugins:
    • blog does not add auto-nav meta files
    • auto-nav automatically adds blog directory to skipped directories since it will be built by blog
    • if one of the plugins is not enabled, other is not using its values
  • ❎ documentation


  • ❎ possibility to choose a blog as a starting page with option to define manually blog in nav configuration
  • slug config option for setting an entire blog's main directory URL
  • ♻️ internal file structure refactor with new global plugin config ( BlogConfig class) that will help with further development with small fixes and improvements
  • ♻️ blog subdirectory navigation creation (entry path needs to be equal to subdirectory name)
  • ✅ live reload infinite loop during serve caused by temporary files created and removed in blog directory
  • ✅ navigation is no longer overridden by a blog (if there is no other nav, blog will create on with recent posts as a main page)

Minifier (new plugin)

  • ❎ PNG image minifier (using: pngquant and oxipng)
  • ❎ JPG image minifier (using: mozjpeg)
  • ❎ SVG image minifier (using: svgo)
  • ❎ HTML file minifier (using: html-minifier)
  • ❎ CSS file minifier (using: postcss with plugins: cssnano, svgo)
  • ❎ JS file minifier (using: uglifyjs)

Auto-nav (new plugin)

  • ❎ build navigation based on file names
  • ❎ directory metadata and additional settings can be set in a frontmatter of *.md file (default to )
  • ❎ configuration of sort prefix delimiter
  • ❎ sort prefix removal in URL and site files
  • ❎ read file title from title metadata key


❎ - added ✅ - fixed ♻️️ - changed 🚫 - removed